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Dandys TJ Pepper Bar - AQHA - SOLD

This gelding will be offered for sale at the 2014 Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale. He is coming eight years old. This is a very nice gelding that you could do anything on.  You can use him on the ranch or take him to team ropings and ranch rodeos.  You could probably even put him in the showring.  He is a great mover and very pretty to look at as well.  He is a real solid built horse and he stands at an honest 15.2.  He is just a real pleasure to be around, kids and adults both can ride this guy.  We have been branding on him too, you can watch a video below.

California Freckles - AQHA - SOLD

This gelding will also be offered for sale at the 2014 Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale.  He is still young, coming 4 years old.  KC is a very nice colt.  He is gorgeous to look at and very talented and easy going as well.  You can ride him outside or in the arena and he is the same.  Brian has been tracking the heel-a-matic on him and he is doing well.  This guy has a great start on him, he has been hauled around to ropings and sortings and also used on the ranch.  Take him and finish him for whatever you would like to do.  You will definately be noticed on this one.  See some videos of him working below.

Stone Cow Boon - AQHA - SOLD! $10,000

This gelding will be offered for sale at the 2013 Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale.  He is coming seven years old.  He is a very nice gelding with great bloodlines too.  His sire is Yellow Roan of Texas and his dam is a daughter of Lenas Wright On.  Between these two great sires they have won over $170,000.  We have ridden him both in and out of the arena.  Brian has ranched on him doing everything from gathering to branding and sorting.  When this horse is outside he is like a mountain goat, nothing bothers him and he is very sure footed.  He has been in the rocks, water, brush, etc.  We have also done some ranch sorting competitions on him and he has been in the money more than once.  He gets along well with other horses, loads, trailers, ties, etc.  He is current on his shoeing, vaccinations, and worming.  If you have any questions about him feel free to contact Brian.  Here are some pictures of him and a video.

Dolly  - SOLD!

Dolly is a great little AQHA mare with great bloodlines.  She is a granddaughter of Smart Little Lena.  She is a looker with nice movement and confirmation, a gorgeous head, and a beautiful mane and tail.  She has been started on cattle and is doing great.  She has a great mind too, take this wonderful mare any direction you would like sorting, cutting, penning, or even make her a trail horse.  She is current on vaccinations, worming, and has no bad habits.
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