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Brim - SOLD

Brim is a very nice young male dog.  His sire is Leo and his dam is a Diamond Ike bred female.  At only 15 months old he has a great start on him.  Actually, more than just a start, Brian is already successfully trialing him and using him on the ranch.  Brim has a great disposition and is a pleasure to be around.  He is very obedient, has style, and will make an awesome trial or ranch dog.  Don't let this one pass you by.  Here is a video of his winning run at the Fallon Ranch Rodeo Dog Trial at the beginning of August

Trish - SOLD

Trish is an 18 month old female.  She has about two months of training on her right now and is advancing quickly.  She is a strong dog and is built to travel - big bodied and has a lot of leg to her.  She bites both ends very hard (grips not nips) and is tough.  She has a good stop, walk up, and she is picking up her directions quickly.  She would make an awesome ranch dog.  Use her now and breed her later.  She is gorgeous too!

Tina - SOLD

Tina is a litter mate to Trish.  She also has about two months of training on her and is coming along nicely.  She will bite both ends with no fear and can really get cattle moving.  She has a lot of natural ability and will make a nice trial or ranch dog.  She has a stop and is learning walk up and her directions.  Here is a video of her on the goats

>U Shone - SOLD

She will be offered for sale at the 2014 Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale.  Shone is a very nice young female.  She is very obedient and has a lot of power.  Her Sire is GS Rythym & Blue, the champion stock dog at Red Bluff in 2012.  Her dam is a daughter of Cap.  She reminds us a lot of her dad, she has his looks, style, and size but she has a slick coat.  She is a pretty big female.  We have been using her on the ranch and although she is still very young, she already has the power to move pairs and she can also handle the wildest yearlings.  She knows her commands and will bite both head and heel.  This is a very nice female, use her on the ranch now and breed her later.  Watch some videos of her working below.


GS Zeus - SOLD

Zeus is a very nice young male we bred and raised.  He is ABCA registered, his sire is Moose and his dam is Toots.  He is a big dog with a lot of power.  He is still very young, he just turned a year old, but he is coming along very nicely.  He knows his commands and he wants to please.  He has been worked from horseback and will follow your horse all day.  You could use him on the ranch or take him and trial him.  Don't let this nice young male pass you by.  Brian will be starting to trial him this year.  Watch some videos of him work below.

Whistlin Dixie - SOLD
2013 Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Reserve Champion Stock Dog!!

Dixie will be offered for sale at the 2013 Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Stock Dog Sale.  This is a very nice young, smooth coat, black and white female.  She has heart, confidence, power, speed, stamina, brains, and she is tough.  It doesn't get much better than this.  She is bred well too, her grandsire is Grit, who was the top selling dog at Red Bluff in 2011.  Use her on your ranch, trial her, or breed her, she can do it all.  Brian showed her for the first time at the Reno Rodeo Cow Dog Competition this year and she was the Reserve Champion Nursery dog.  He also used her for a Cow Dog Demonstration during the Grand National Rodeo at the Cow Palace this year (Pictures coming soon, or you can go to and see some pictures there).  We have used her on the ranch as well and she is not afraid to gather a large herd.  She knows all her commands, will stay behind your horse, and is very obedient.  She bites both head and heels.  Brian will also be including a breeding to either of our stud dogs with the purchase of this bitch as long as he can keep a puppy.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Brian.   


He is a young, red, rough coat, male. He is just coming a year old. He has been started on stock and is coming along nicely. He has natural balance and is learning his directions. He should make a nice dog for sheep, cows, or to trial with. He is a very friendly dog and will make someone a nice dog.

ABC GS Rythym and Blue
2012 Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Champion Stock Dog!!

Congratulations Michelle and Boots!  Watch a video of Blue at Red Bluff here

He is a tri-colored, rough coat, with one blue eye. Blue is a son of Moose and shares a lot of his fathers traits. At a very young age he is already working cattle with ease. He has a ton of power, presence, and drive. He has a very nice outrun and knows his directions well. He should make a nice dog for cow calf pairs, yearlings, or to go to some trials.  He has been entered into the 2012 Red Bluff Bull & Gelding Stock Dog Sale.  Come and see him there!

ABC GS Cash Money  $1000 - SOLD

Cash is a tri-colored, rough coat, male.  He knows his basic commands and has been started on stock.  He is easy to get along with and loves kids.

ABC HiRollin Remy  $3000 - SOLD

Cody is great young female that we have. She came from a ranch in Wyoming. She just started trialing. She is a tough dog with a great mind, personality, power, and bite. She has been used to gather and move large herds of sheep and goats on grazing projects. She is very easy to get along with (all of our dogs are). She knows her directions, has a good outrun, and is easy to handle.

ABC SS Gunnie  $1200 - SOLD
Gunnie is a great dog. She is fearless and will work sheep or cattle. She is a very untraditionally marked Border Collie but she is beautiful. She throws beautiful pups too. Gunnie has a great personality, she is very easy going, easy to work, and she gets along with everybody.


She is a one year old, tri-colored, smooth coat female. She is bred very well, her sire is a son of Loren Holmes Leo dog.  She has a ton of speed, confidence, and power.  She has an outrun, is balanced, and she knows her directions and down. She is a high energy dog and will work cows all day and never quit you.  She is tough and would make a great ranch dog for cow calf pairs, yearlings, or even bulls.

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