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Here at Golden State Stock Dogs we take great pride in the way we train our dogs.  We believe that a good foundation is very important.  A well-trained dog can easily do the work of three or more men in the field.  We train our stock dogs to work in a way that minimizes the stress on the livestock and compliments each dogs style and natural ability.  There is nothing that aggrivates a rancher more than a dog that is recklessly harassing their livestock.

Basic obedience is the foundation of a good stock dog program so each stock dog's training starts with basic obedience commands.  Once the dog/pup knows its basic commands it can then start working sheep in the round pen.  As the dog progresses they will move to a larger work area and then on to cattle.

When your dog is in training they will receive 24 hour care.  They will work stock, get exercised, and have play time.  Your dog will be evaluated prior to beginning
their training, then again half way through, and again upon completion.  This will allow you to monitor your dogs progress and see how they are progressing.

For every week your dog is in training you will receive one free lesson.  Additional lessons can be purchased.  To get maximum results from your training it is important for you to know how to work/handle your own dog.  Even a finished dog can be useless to an unknowledgable handler.

It is important that our clients are 100% satisfied and that your dog is trained for what you will be using them for in the future.

We accept dogs for:
        *Basic Obedience Training
        *Stock Dog Training
        *Trial Training

If you have any questions on any of the services we offer feel free to call or shoot us an email.


We offer a clinic the second Sunday of each month.  Clinics are open to everyone and all dog breeds.  We work on everything from basic obedience to time on sheep or cattle, it all depends on the dog/handler skill level.  We will spend time with each dog/handler and make sure that everyone understands and moves at a comfortable pace.

Update:  Our next Clinic dates are August 14 & September 11!  Contact us if you are interested in attending!
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